Moving is stressful, but adding a pet to the mix can make it even more challenging. You want to ensure that your pets are safe and happy during this transition. With some careful planning and preparation, you can make their move to a new state as smooth as possible. Here are some tips to help you move your pets with ease, courtesy of Dog Boarding Pet.


If you’re moving to a new state, start your search for a home by looking for a walkable neighborhood (look for a walk score over 70). This will make it easier for you to take your dog out for exercise and keep your pet active and healthy. You can also look for a home with a backyard or nearby park where your pets can play and exercise.

Plane Travel with Pets

If you’re traveling by plane, be sure to check the airline regulations for pet travel. Some airlines require pets to be in a carrier that fits under the seat, while others require pets to be checked into cargo. It’s important to know the airline’s policies and prepare accordingly to avoid any last-minute surprises.

Visiting Your Vet Before Relocating

Before the move, visit your vet for one last checkup. This is a great time to ask for any necessary paperwork, such as health certificates or up-to-date vaccination records. You should also refill any medications your pet may need for the trip.

Carrier Training

Prepare your pet for travel by getting them used to their carrier beforehand. Reduce their stress and anxiety during the trip by putting treats and toys inside the carrier to encourage them to go in. Increase the time they spend in the carrier slowly until they can stay inside comfortably for longer periods.

It’s also a good idea to check with the experts and read objective reviews on pet products before purchasing. That way, you’ll know that you’re investing in a safe, trustworthy product. Check out this free resource for pet lovers.

Staying Calm

Pets are sensitive to their owners’ emotions. If you’re feeling stressed or anxious during the move, it can rub off on your pet. Try to keep your stress at a minimum by taking breaks and practicing self-care. This will help keep your pet calm and relaxed. You can also find qualified pet sitting services for when the chaos of packing and moving is too much. Reach out to Dog Boarding Pet for your next pet-sitting need!

Consistency Is Key

PetCoach notes that pets thrive on routine and consistency. Try to keep their routine as consistent as possible during the move. Stick to their regular feeding and exercise schedule, and make sure they have access to familiar toys and bedding. This will help them feel more comfortable and secure during the move.

Pet Nutrition Matters

Keeping your pet healthy during and after the move is crucial. To ensure a smooth transition, make sure they have access to plenty of water and food. It’s important to consider feeding your dog grain-free dog food to improve their digestive health, reduce inflammation and prevent other health issues. Grain-free dog food is also high in protein which can promote muscle growth and maintenance. By keeping your pet healthy and well-fed, you can help them adjust to their new home and environment with ease.

Pet Laws

Every state has different pet regulations. Research the new state’s regulations before you move to avoid any surprises. For example, some states require pets to be licensed or vaccinated against certain diseases. You should also research any local ordinances regarding leash laws or pet waste disposal.

Renting Considerations

If you’re a renter and having trouble finding a place to live in your new town, one idea is to draw up a resume for your beloved pet highlighting what will make you good tenants. Draw attention to things like being quiet, low-shedding, good behavior, up-to-date on vetting/grooming, and past accomplishments, like completing an obedience course or even whimsical qualities like handshakes and bows. Personal references like a groomer, past sitters, and vets can help, too!

Keeping Your Pet Safe

To your pet’s safety, PetHub points out that it’s essential to update their ID tags with your new contact information before the move. By doing so, you can increase the likelihood of your pet being returned to you in case they get lost during the trip. Remember to double-check that your pet’s tags have accurate information to give you peace of mind throughout the moving process.

Comforting Your Pet

Pack familiar items to comfort your pet during the move. This can include their favorite toys, bedding, or blankets. Having familiar items around can help reduce stress and anxiety during the transition to a new home.

Moving with pets requires extra planning and preparation. Keep your pets safe and happy during your move with these tips, like investing in trustworthy pet-products, reducing stress, sticking to a routine, and keeping active. With some preparation, your furry friends can have a stress-free move to a new state.

Dog Boarding Pet offers a variety of services to meet the unique needs and preferences of each dog. Contact us today to learn more!

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